Price - Main dish: 139Kč (with soup: 159Kč)

1. QUINOA SALAD - with roasted beetroot, walnuts, baby spinach and cashew dip 

Allergen: Nuts

2. GOULASH from oyster mushroom with sourdough bread or with gluten-free pasta

Allergen: Gluten (in bread) 

3. BLACK LENTIL BURGER with roasted potatoes - lentil burger, red onion chutney, vegan mayo, ketchup, pickles, cabbage, tomatoes, jalapeno

Allergen: Gluten

4. CHICKPEA-ZUCCHINI PATTIES in vegetable sauce with gluten-free pasta or with roasted potatoes


5. FRESH SANDWICH with marinated jackfruit ala "chicken", salad and vegetable....  99Kč / piece

Allergen: Gluten

6. BAKED TOAST with basil pesto, cashew mozzarella and tomatoes + fresh salad.... 89Kč / piece

Allergen: Gluten, nuts

7. HUMMUS with fresh vegetable fries (cucumber, carrot, celery) ....  89Kč 


8. PEA SOUP with coconut milk  39Kč (in menu: 20Kč)


9. VEGAN CARAMEL CHEESECAKE  - gluten 69Kč / piece (gluten-free: 79Kč / piece)

Allergen: Gluten, nuts

10. POPPY SLICE with lemon cream    45Kč / piece

Allergen: Nuts (in cream)

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Terms and Conditions

1. We accept orders at least 24 hours in advance.

2. Payment is possible in cash or by invoice.

3. Right to stop or refuse a lunch order because of full capacity.

4. Right to change lunch menu by season.